e-File Developer Specifications


The Virginia Department of Taxation (the Department) designed this page to provide technical requirements, schema details, business rules and testing scenarios used in the development of e-File software.


The e-File software supports the electronic filing of Individual Income Tax, Corporation Income Tax and Pass-through Entity (PTE) tax return/schedule data to the Department via the IRS Fed/State electronic filing system. Any software developed to support this data goes through the Department's testing and approval process. The status of that process is provided on the "Approved e-File Software" pages.

Software Partner Agreement

Every tax year the Virginia Department of Taxation requires all software vendors to complete and submit the applicable Software Partner Agreement(s). Details for this requirement are provided in the agreement documents below. 

  • Virginia Electronic Filing Software Partner Agreement - Tax Year 2016
  • Virginia Substitute Forms Software Partner Agreement - Tax Year 2016

Approved e-File Software

The Department does not promote or endorse any particular e-File product. Approval by the Department only means that the vendor has met established software specifications.


Software vendors that have been approved via the e-File testing practices will be displayed in each of the following pages with a status of "Approved". Vendors that are still testing will display a status of "Pending".

e-File Documents & Specifications

Specifications for e-File forms are provided in the Schema Package, while the Guide / Test Package provides the details for business rules, transmission requirements and e-File testing purposes. Additional e-File declaration and signature forms are also provided for software developers/vendors' convenience.

Document Document Description Revision Date
Individual Income Tax
Individual Schema See the "Software Partner Agreement" section for details. - -
Individual Guide 2015 Individual e-File Guide and Specifications 10/2015
Individual Tests 2015 Individual e-File Test Package 11/2015
Form VA-8453 2015 Individual e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453 04/2016
Form VA-8879 2015 Individual e-File Signature Form VA-8879 04/2016
Corporation Income Tax & PTE Tax
Corporation & PTE Schema See the "Software Partner Agreement" section for details. - -
Corporation & PTE Guide 2015 Corporation & PTE e-File Guide and Specifications 10/2015
Corporation & PTE Tests 2015 Corporation & PTE e-File Test Package 10/2015
Form VA-8453C 2015 Corporate e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453C 10/2015
Form VA-8879C 2015 Corporate e-File Signature Form VA-8879C 10/2015
Form VA-8453P 2015 PTE e-File Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453P 10/2015
Form VA-8879P 2015 PTE e-File Signature Form VA-8879P 10/2015


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