Tax Professionals

Multiple audiences make up the Tax Professionals who assist tax customers and develop products for tax customers to use.

There are three categories to choose from and each page focuses on topics related to the professional audience type - Tax Preparers / Payroll Providers, e-File Developers and Substitute Forms.


Tax Preparers & Payroll Providers

e-File Developers

Substitute Forms

Tax Preparers and Payroll Providers

eFile developers

Substitute Forms

Tax Preparers and Payroll Providers use the provided documentation, available services and updated tax resources to assist customers with their tax needs.

This includes online filing/paying, legislative updates, waiver requests and transmitting data as EROs.

e-File Developers use the technical requirements, schema details, business rules and testing scenarios in the development of e-File software.

Software developed to support this electronic tax data goes through a testing and approval process.

The "Substitute Forms" (i.e. substitute versions of existing official tax forms) are required to be specially formatted / displayed to ensure proper processing of customer information.

Details that are specific to each form are provided separately in "Spec Documents".


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