The 2017 Virginia Tax Amnesty program runs from September 13 through November 14, 2017, and allows eligible taxpayers to pay only the tax due and 1/2 the interest on eligible bills and delinquent tax returns. We will waive all remaining interest and penalties. 

As part of the program, we've created a marketing campaign to help spread the message: 

Ignoring your tax debt won't make it go away.

You may have seen some of our messaging on buses around your town, on a billboard, across social media, or even at the mall. 

In addition to our signage across Virginia, we have also sent general mail postcards to taxpayers throughout Virginia. If you received a postcard, it doesn't necessarily mean you qualify for Amnesty - we're just hoping you'll help us spread the message to people you know who may benefit from the savings.

We have a variety of additional resources for you to learn more about the program.

If you have questions, please call us 1.877.PAY.VTAX (877.729.8829) and we'll be happy to help.

Amnesty marketing collateral