Help us process your return more smoothly 

  • Be sure you have all W-2s, 1099s, and other withholding information before filing your return. Don’t rely on year-end pay stub information – it may not match what your employer reports to us. 
  • Include your Virginia driver’s license or Virginia identification card number on your return. We won’t reject returns that have these numbers, but providing the information helps us process returns more quickly. 
  • If you were issued a Virginia Tax personal identification number (PIN), you must provide the PIN on your return. Remember that even if you provide your PIN, our system could stop your return for other reasons.
  • Provide all necessary information on your return and attach all required documents and schedules. 
  • Be sure spelling of your name(s), Social Security number(s), and all calculations are correct. 
  • If you moved since you filed your last return, use your current address.