Why did you receive this letter?

We received an individual income tax return with your name and/ or Social Security number, and need to verify that you (or someone authorized to file on your behalf) filed the return referenced in the letter before we issue the refund. 

Respond to your letter

Responding online is the fastest way to verify your refund. 

Before responding, make sure you have the following:

  • Correspondence ID from your letter (found at the top of your letter, above "Dear Taxpayer")
  • The tax year of the return referenced in your letter (found in the first sentence of your letter)
  • If you did file the return, the refund amount from your Virginia return (line 38)  

Note: If it's possible that an authorized individual may have filed your return on your behalf (for example, a tax preparer or spouse), please check with them before telling us that you did not file the return.

Respond to your letter

You can also respond by mail or fax. Just send the letter back to us with the requested information. 

Virginia Department of Taxation
RAP Unit 1
PO Box 27003
Richmond, VA 23261-7003

Fax: 804.344.8565

How can you make sure the letter isn't a scam?

Check that the address and fax number on the letter match those above, and that the URL to respond online is www.tax.virginia.gov/refundverification

If you're still concerned, you can always call Customer Services to verify that we sent you this letter.